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This is my first time wearing strip lashes, what if they don't fit properly?

No problem! You are able to cut the lash band to fit your eye correctly. Before applying your ShadyGirlMinks make sure you put them next to your eye for proper measurements and cut the excesss part of the lash band that doesn't match to your eye width.

Do you only have 25mm lashes?

ShadyGirlMinks strives to cater to every type of woman, from your everyday corporate business woman to your night life type of woman. We carry both subtle (15-20mm) and dramatic (25mm) lashes.

What is the return policy?

Unfortunately, all sales are FINAL. Which means no exchange or returns, so please make sure you read the description before purchasing to ensure you have made the right choice. Thank you for shopping with ShadyGirlMinks.

Is the lash band invisible?

No, we have black colored larger lash bands for the security and durability of the lash. This ensures the longevity of the lash, which allows for multiple wear.

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